Course Prerequisites

Students entering a course which has a prerequisite requirement must show they have met the prerequisite by satisfying one of the options below.
You can enroll in the course and get started while you are waiting to clear your prerequisite. You will then have 30 days to meet one of the following:

1)   Have your counselor at your college email, and let us know you are cleared for the desired course. The counselor's name and phone number must be included in the email.

2)   Send us an official transcript showing you have passed the prerequisite course with a grade of C or better. This transcript must be official and come directly from a college and not from the student.   Transcripts coming from the student will not be accepted. Please send the official transcript that contains the prerequisite course to:
Omega Math
PO Box 835
Pismo Beach, CA. 93448

3)   Passing the prerequisite course through us. Please email us and remind us that you have taken the course through us, and that we need to clear your prerequisite. We will look up your records and clear the hold.

If proof of the prerequisite has not been received within the 30 days of enrollment, your account will be placed on hold until we receive the clearance.