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Remedial and transferable courses. You can take one or more courses from us and transfer the credits to your college.

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Regional Accreditation

Official transcript with semester credits is granted via one of our regionally accredited associated universities.

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Start the day you enroll. You have five months to complete the math courses, however you can finish as soon as you are able.

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  • Omega Math has been providing online courses since 1996 and is affiliated
    with US University, Brandman, Woodbury and Cal Poly State University.
    These universities are regionally accredited by WASC.

    Omega Math offers remedial and transferable courses to individuals, K-12 schools & districts, colleges & universities. Take one course with us or several, and transfer the credits back to your home college.

    Omega Math is the teacher of the courses and your official transcript
    with academic semester credits will come from one of the above
    universities. Since Omega Math is just the teacher, we do not
    appear on the transcript. Taking a course through this
    program does not require being enrolled in the university,
    anyone can receive the credits for these classes!

    Omega Math has become a primary source for students
    of all ages to discover the enjoyment of learning Math.

    Nancy Davis is the founder of Omega Math and has
    taught Mathematics and Computer Science at the
    university level since 1989.

    Our courses meet or exceed state/national
    standards, and we continually implement
    student feedback to ensure that all students
    understand the curriculum.

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  • These courses are available to anyone in the public who would like to enroll in an individual math course. Credit and noncredit courses are available.
    The credits and official transcript are awarded through our one of our associated universities. We also offer non-academic CEU's and PDU's through California Polytechnic State University Continuing Education and Brandman University.
    Students receive an official transcript from the university, and Omega Math is the teacher on record. Receiving the credit does not require being enrolled in the university - anyone, anywhere can receive the credits!

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    Self-paced classes; each lesson is packed with examples from the easiest to the most advanced. At each level are interactive problems.
    Enrollment is open every day of the year. Start the same day as you enroll. Five months to complete each course with a 30 day extension if needed. You can finish as soon as you are able. If you need more time, extensions may be purchased. Each test/quiz can be taken twice. Only the higher score counts toward the grade. Immediate online test results.
    Everything is online: lessons, homework, solution manual, quizzes, tests and the final. Courses that meet the math requirement for a 2 or 4 year degree have a proctored final.

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  • Individuals across the United States and abroad
    Schools & districts across the United States and abroad
    Community and University-level Colleges
    Anyone who needs a math class and requires an official transcript from an accredited college
    Students who need to brush up on their math skills
    Anyone who needs to meet a prerequisite for a higher level math class
    Universities, such as Cal State Chico, accept Omega Math's Intermediate Algebra course for satisfying remedial math requirements
    Employees who need to meet their employer's educational requirements

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  • These courses have been online since 1996. Each lesson has been tested in the classroom and online for over 20 years.
    Over the years, we have gradually identified areas in the lessons where students found certain concepts difficult to understand. Content was added and clarified in areas where students had questions. Due to the many years of refining the courses, Omega Math receives very few math questions today.
    The courses were written by Nancy Davis, a college Math and Computer Science teacher with an graduate degree in math, as well as a master's degree in teaching mathematics.
    The online courses have been proven to be more effective than on-campus courses.
    Omega Math keeps the site as simple as possible so that students don't become overwhelmed with high-tech overload.
    The course material and website is designed to run on all computers; PCs, Macs, Linux, and older browsers are no problem.
    The courses meet or exceed state standards for High School and College curriculums.
    Accredited College credit is available, noncredit courses are also available.

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In association with: US University
Woodbury University
Brandman University

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