The Foundation of Success in Math is Practice

MathPrep is the ultimate practice platform for math of all levels. This is where students come to practice their skills and become finely tuned math students.

MathPrep uses artificial intelligence to deliver questions that curate an optimal learning experience for students. Our software detects skill level in the student and provides questions designed to both challenge and increase ability. The program provides students with an immense volume of practice problems to solve. The end result is a student who can do math with speed and accuracy.

Our cutting-edge learning technologies prepare students to ace tests. We Create Confident Math Students!

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Created By Teachers

Our questions were created by a team of teachers who teach at the specific grade level of the topic.

Artificial Intelligence Tracked Progress

Our software provides students with questions exactly suited to their skill and adjusts based on student progress.

Timed Practice Tests

Timed tests simulate a real test taking environment and give students confidence.


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Thousands of Questions Created by Teachers


Questions Attempted


Sample Questions


AI-generated sample SAT and ACT practice tests give students confidence when it comes to test day.

10th & 12th CBSE and State Board

Practice countless math questions covering all the topics. Focus on accuracy, to begin with, and then eventually move on to focus on efficiency. Mock Tests for 10th & 12th grade to be launched soon!

Middle School Math Prep

This is where students build their foundation for higher levels of math. All middle school topics are covered!

High School Math Prep

This is where students advance to higher levels. All high school math levels are covered!


We Are Teachers

Our purpose is to help students excel in math using cutting-edge learning technologies. We are a group of teachers knowledgeable in math and information technologies committed to seeing students succeed.

Together we created MathPrep, a place where students can practice math with the assistance of artificial intelligence in order to become extremely confident in their abilities. MathPrep is backed by real classroom knowledge, which means our program works.

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Practice Makes Perfect!

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