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MathPrep is the premier online training platform for math students. Our software tracks student progress and provides questions exactly suited to the ability of the student.

MathPrep creates confident math students by giving them what they need most–practice. Our program eliminates test anxiety by giving the student immense amounts of practice tests delivered in a timed format. Students will see a wide variety of problems so they never feel surprised when it comes to test day.

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What Makes MathPrep Unique?

Questions Based on Ability

MathPrep takes into account the fact that students are at all different math levels, regardless of their grade level. The software detects the student’s ability level and provides questions designed to challenge them. As students progress in ability, the software automatically moves them up in level.

Unique Selection of Problems

Our math problems are created by a team of math experts who actually teach the subject. The software itself never shows a student the same question twice, which means they are always challenged and engaged. A wide variety of problem types means students are always prepared for test day.

MathPrep Benefit Students!

Better Test Scores

Because our math problems are tailored exactly to the level of the student, students don’t get bored or face problems which are too difficult for them. That means more practice and better test scores.

Increased Student Confidence

Because of the extensive nature of the MathPrep problem database, students see a huge assortment of problem types. This combined with simulated timed tests, means students feel confident with doing math.

No More Test Anxiety

Lots and lots of practice is the key to eliminating test anxiety. With MathPrep students get tons of experience in taking timed tests. As they progress in ability, their anxiety melts away because they know that no matter what will be on the test, they will be able to do it.

Practice Makes Perfect!

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