We Are Teachers

We are a group of teachers from around the world with expertise in math and information technology. By leveraging machine learning technology and our wealth of teaching experience, we built a system that works. Together we have created an affordable learning experience that produces students who can do math efficiently and confidently.

Our purpose is to help students excel in math using cutting edge learning technologies.

39+ Years of Combined Teaching Experience

MathPrep was built by a group of teachers from around the world dedicated to providing students with a wide variety of math questions along with unique methods to solve those questions efficiently.

70+ Years of Combined Computer Science & Engineering Experience

With our expertise in computer science we have incorporated an artificial learning program into MathPrep which can present students questions based on ability and automatically adjust questions based on student progress.

Together We Built a Product That Works

MathPrep tracks student progress based on their practice sessions and moves the student along into higher levels of ability and confidence. It works!

Meet Our Team

We are math experts from around the world committed to helping students excel.

Yogita Taunk

CEO & Co-Founder

Rishi Jethwa

CTO & Co-Founder

Tony Veer

Angel Investor & Partner

Manish Kumar

Angel Investor & Partner

Ahmed Anouar

Director of Software Development

Chris Wakare

IT Infrastructure

Abhishek Tiwari

Math Coach

Keith Madrilejos

Math Coach

Fiona Wong

Curriculum Developer

Clayton McPeak

Curriculum Developer

Andrea Ingham

Curriculum Developer

Selene Clare

Curriculum Developer

John Miller

Marketing Advisor

Raj Karan Singh

Senior Software Developer

Keegan Mathur

UI/UX Designer