Frequently Asked Questions

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Growth / Progress Reporting

Yes, you will be able to see all the details on the number of questions attempted, and time test statistics on the My-Progress tab. It also shows you where you stand on each lesson topic as well.
Yes, the adult, parent, or guardian who signed you up will be able to monitor your growth/progress as well.
Yes, you can go to "My Progress" page, and check how long you practiced on

We are constantly improving our site to provide you better insight of your growth/progress.

Question Selection

The aim of MathPrep is to provide a variety of questions to students. However, you might see repeated questions if you flagged it or if you did not answer it correctly.
If you master all the skills of your grade, you can change your grade preference from the My Accounts page.

We are working on building a robust AI engine that will automatically move you to the next level in the future.
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have any videos, but depending on demand and requests from our users, we might consider adding it in the future.
You must have answered all the easy questions correctly that is the reason you are presented with some challenging questions. You can click on a hint or learn the skill before trying to solve next-level questions.


We offer a 3-day risk-free trial. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your my account page during the 3-day period for a full refund. Your bank may take a few days to reflect the refund amount.
The Parent or Guardian can disable the subscription from the Manage Subscription tab. Once you disable it, we won't auto-renew your account.

If the cancellation is made 3 days past the initial sign-up, you won't be getting any refund as per our terms and conditions.

Affiliate & Partnerships

We offer a few revenue-sharing options if you can get us visitors that convert to paid subscription members. Please fill out our contact us form, and we can get you more information.

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